Wednesday, 22 April 2015

How can we be sure the person we think we are, is the person we really are?
If it's possible to be affected psychologically by the bacteria in your gut, to be emotionally gripped by the hungry fungus that craves sugar or mould or fermented food, then if we rid our selves of these for lack of a better word parasite that makes us dance like puppets to feed our hidden guests.

When we eat animals, or eat the products that we harvest from the living animal, that lives and dies imprisoned in factory farms, we give our consent to the cruel and violent lives that they endure. We declare, Yes! to the question of are we morally entitled to treat other creatures this way.

I do not subscribe to Christian doctrine and if Jesus ever really existed, he wouldn't either.

And there I must confess is the rub....

Butterfly Lake 1969